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“All of our participants left this seminar with a greater understanding of and sensitivity to the importance of diversity issues within their own organizations and their clients. We attribute the overall success of this program to your participation as the session facilitator and the overall guidance you provided in the program development.”

Willard C. Hall, Jr., Ed.S.
Association of Consultants to Non-Profits (ACN)
Vice-President, ACN Board of Directors

“Team Masters™, Inc. was hired to build and strengthen our company’s teams. The results were masterful. We are extremely pleased with our program design processes for our international clients, including skills essential to cross-cultural dialogue.”

Iva Carruthers, Ph.D.
President/CEO, Nexus Unlimited, Inc.

“Diversity is of vital importance to the University and the world at large. Your expertise and facilitative style allowed everyone to participate and…laid the foundation for our ongoing diversity planning and implementation.”

Robbi Byrdsong-Wright
Director of Multicultural Affairs, Dominican University

“Joann Horton knows strategic planning inside out and has the ability to empower groups to focus on the substantive issues. The quality and outcome of our strategic planning effort was right on target.”

Raymond LeFever, President Emeritus, Wilbur Wright College

"Your training was a resounding success. The Dept. of Energy Supervisor shared that a significant number of Advanced Automotive Technology managers raved about how much they learned in your training sessions about communications, team building, and diversity, while having fun in the process... Your company's expertise adds great dimension to our capabilities..."

William E. "Steve" Stevens, Brig. General Retired
Vice President, Business Development, APQC-Consulting Group

“"Dr. Horton...executed a precise workshop that generated the beginnings of our work as a team, inspiring our creative thought process, and energizing us to reach beyond our perceived limitations and boundaries...her service offering left us with a well-defined mission and vision statement..and a sparkle in our respective eyes of hope, success, and prosperity as a functioning, well-motivated team."

Russell Pike, Partner & COO
The Foster Group, Inc.

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